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Richard Olivier Film director and Producer

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A summer in Droixhe

remplacé par du SWF
  • Technical data
  • Format: Beta SP
  • Date: 1996
  • Duration: 57 minutes
  • Writer and director: Richard Olivier
  • Image: Alain Znidarsic
  • Sound: Marc Malinus, Michel Darsi
  • Editing: Olivier Lathuy
  • Production director: Richard Olivier

Droixhe, located at the outskirts of the city of Liège, has become a high risk zone. On its inauguration in 1958, Droixhe was like a dream and people came from all over Belgium and Europe to visit the “glorious city”.

By 1997, the urban dream (Le Corbusier style) has turned into a nightmare. The situation has become explosive partly owing to a property scandal kept silent until that date. Five of the second generation buildings, which were erected in the seventies, do not correspond to the construction plans and constitute a real danger for their inhabitants.

This document is not only a denunciation of a real estate scandal, but also bears testimony to street music such as Rap and Raï, interpreted by youngsters who want to believe in their future although they know it to be problematic.

Press review

It took Richard Olivier only three films (Marchienne or how to live a dog’s life, Dutroux’s dead holes and A summer in Droixhe) to be regarded as an embarrassing, out-of-place film maker, accused of regional denigration, sociological slander, in one word of all the evils. In the meantime, all his films are great hits. " Le Matin "


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