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Richard Olivier Film director and Producer

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Strip School

remplacé par du SWF
  • Technical data
  • Format: 16 mm
  • Date: 1980
  • Duration: 58 minutes
  • Writer and director: Richard Olivier
  • Image: Manu Bonmariage
  • Sound: Dominique Warnier, Dan Van Bever
  • Editing: Jan Tavernier
  • Production director: Monique Licht

This document gives the floor to those women of the night for whom stripping is both a means of expression and a way to earn a living.This type of entertainment has its queens, its ladies, its servants, its sluts. Why and how did they come to it? What becomes of their lives? What is hidden behind it?STRIP SCHOOL is a cultural and social testimony which should concern everybody who is interested in the phenomena of our Western world.

From NOVA, stripper in a travelling show, to DELLY HOLLIDAY, feline creature from Guadalupe, to MIMI, LOLO and MARTINE, stripping between Pigalle and Blanche, we finally arrive in the Taj Mahal of the nude, the CRAZY HORSE SALOON of Paris, where POLLY UNDERGROUND and BERNARDIN reveal – for once – the naked truth.

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