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Richard Olivier Film director and Producer

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Skin sorrow

remplacé par du SWF
  • Technical data
  • Format: 16 mm
  • Date: 1997
  • Duration: 56 minutes
  • Writer and production: Richard Olivier
  • Image: Jean-François Boucher, Michel Techy
  • Sound: Eric Chabot, Marc Engels, Philippe Sellier
  • Editing: Pilar Morales
  • Production director: Monique Licht

For some people, the idea of a final loss of their beloved, pampered companion is really unbearable. Therefore, as permitted by law - if not for human beings, at least for animals – some people call on taxidermists.

Those gifted naturalists “immortalize” their patients, restoring them to their three-dimensional image.

Skin’s sorrow tells the story of loneliness, despair and neurosis caused by the loss of an animal. The only remaining lifebelt is the dummy of the beloved animal and the imperative need to stroke it in remembrance of lost happiness.

Press review

Sweet but frightful madness. Esther and her sister Elvire are an integral part of the funeral wreath made up by all the embalmed mortal remains that surround them. The only missing piece are the remains of their mother which have been “replaced” by the carcass of one of their dogs resting in a box in their cellar. " Les Inrockuptibles "

The setting which surrounds Esther is horrible and gloomy, something between full kitsch and stale antiques. One really has the impression that a smell emanates from this document. " La Lanterne "

With much decency and real care, Richard Olivier tells us about the loneliness of people who feel even more lonesome after the death of their beloved pets. " Vers l'avenir "

The Belgian documentary film maker continues his obsessive quest. He uses a bunch of dead skins to make an introspective analysis of our collective all-time worry: to be or not to be (any longer). " Le Soir "

An hour of comical, desperate, realistic and mad entertainment. " Moustique "

And, let’s call it a small miracle, this documentary full of mummies tells us about life, in a sad and simple way. " Telerama "


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