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Richard Olivier Film director and Producer

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Ordinary murders of little importance

remplacé par du SWF
  • Technical data
  • Format: Beta digit
  • Date: 2004
  • Duration: 54 minutes
  • Writer and director: Richard Olivier
  • Image: Richard Olivier
  • Mixing: Peter Soldan
  • Editing: Geoffroy Legrelle
  • Production director: Richard Olivier

3 October 2003. Porte de Flandre, right in the centre of Brussels. In less than 24 hours, two elderly women are savagely murdered.

The first victim, Anna Van Reybrouck (66 years old), is stabbed to death with a knife in her little store called “Birds Paradise”. The next day, Luce Frey (77 years old) is beaten to death with a monkey wrench in a private parking lot less than a hundred meter from the scene of the first crime.

This document illustrates the tragedy of Thierry, Anna’s youngest son. This violent and sudden loss weakens him even more morally and physically. This film also bears testimony to the climate of insecurity reigning in this neighbourhood during the four month’s police investigation.

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