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Richard Olivier Film director and Producer

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Marchienne, or where to live a dot's live

remplacé par du SWF
  • Technical data
  • Format: 6 mm
  • Date: 1993
  • Duration: 54 minutes
  • Writer and director: Richard Olivier
  • Image: Michel Techy
  • Sound: Jean-Paul Raemdonck
  • Editing: Pilar Morales
  • Production director: Richard Olivier

Marchienne, the end of the world, where madness and absurdity meet every day.

Marchienne-au-pont was once the main centre of inland water transport. At that time, men produced quality steel and blew glass, while others, from sun-ridden countries went down the mines. Not long ago, Walloon history was written there.

This document/quest was made in a sick country, which one could rename “the asshole of the world”. Richard Olivier

Press review

Ferocious in his way of loving but not misanthropic, the filmmaker stops under a bridge to open our eyes. " Le Soir "

A startling document " Télépro "

Edifying patchwork on a crisis situation which awakens, in the midst of insecurity, the instant reactions of intolerance, and deep thoughts about a region. " La Libre Belgique "

Marchienne is a dark poem. " Le Soir Illustré "

The reality of a Belgian city depicted in a way no-one has ever dared. " Moustique "

A masterpiece of political reality in its noblest sense: a reality which shelters our joys and maledictions. " Dimanche Matin "

A magnificent film. Callot and Goya already had already demonstrated that it is possible to create splendour out of the horrible. " Le Ligueur "

It is true, honest and therefore salutary to make it public. " Le Rappel "

His film is a particularly damning and oppressive treatment of reality which reveals a film director whose darkness reminds us of the Bunuel of Las Hurdes. " Le Monde "

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